And how much of a thinker you are tells how much experience you have about what you write.

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Are you a writer?

Can you boldly tell the world you’re a writer?

What shows that? Is it because of the words you put on paper that makes you think you’re a writer, or it’s the value you bring into people’s lives by your words?

Your answers to these questions should help you know and determine your worth if indeed you’re a writer, as there’re many out there who claim to be writers but authentically, they aren’t.

And the reason is that, if you’re genuinely a writer, the words you put on paper should bring value to people’s life by…

Woe unto the man that goes against society

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In a world where conformity is the norm, taking an unconventional path isn’t easy. It takes people with inflexible mental muscles to take such a course and continue relentlessly to the end without quitting.

Have you ever tried being unconventional?

How was the experience?

Was it easy for you?

When was the last time, you did such a thing?

Did you continue on the path? Or you gave up because of the persecution you faced?

Did everyone side with you or they went against you for trying to be unconventional?

Ugh. You’ve given some sigh. Haven’t you? Because I’ve made…

It's getting to a year since you talked about this. Is it still standing or it's changed and you're accepting new writers.I love to know because I love the publication and would like to cintribute to it...

The way to break free from inferiority complex

It’s a Gift to Be Different Among Everyone
It’s a Gift to Be Different Among Everyone
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With the over seven billion human population gracing the world’s stage, none of them looks like you. In terms of your physique and your attributes, nobody is like you. Your fingerprint is proof of that. Yet, you’re always fighting to fit in. Because that’s how society and the world have conditioned us to be — we are social animals, and we must fit with the crowd.

Whenever you find yourself alone or isolated from the group, you feel like something is wrong with you.

This, therefore, causes you to worry and even make conclusions that aren’t true and baseless because…

Because without dreams, life has no meaning

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The concept of life means so many things to everyone based on their perception. To some people, it’s nothing but a struggle. While others believe it’s something worth more than what the world tells us — make merry, have fun, and die at the end. But what about you? What does life mean to you? Is it about making merry, having fun, and dying at the end as the world preaches to us? Or it’s something much more than the above?

These were the questions that popped up when my mind was racing to answer some challenges I’ve been facing…

The difficulties you are facing can be the source of your wealth and happiness

Don’t Worry if Everything in Your Life Has Been Difficult
Don’t Worry if Everything in Your Life Has Been Difficult
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Life is a journey, they say. And this journey comes with a lot of ups and downs. Things go your way at times, and sometimes it’s the opposite. But whatever the case is with you, you have to embrace the reality and deal with it the best way you can.

Often we assume life isn’t fair, and we are on the wrong path because some people have it better than us. When you look at your ambitions, the things you could do and achieve, and how things are going with you, at times, you get tempted to believe you weren’t…

Be clear with yourself before you purchase that online program

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“Not every online program will give you what you want, and not everything you want is in an online program.”

The inception of the internet into our lives has made things easy for us as a generation. Before this day, the things we couldn’t do are now quickly done by the internet's power.

The internet has made it possible for us to access information quickly. We can study everything we want and reach out to people everywhere globally, no matter how far they are from us. …

Without answering these questions, you can’t achieve success in life.

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The world as we have it now is a result of questions. All the successes we’ve enjoyed and still enjoying are because someone questioned something and took steps to find their answers. Every great invention, painting, artistry all came out of someone trying to satisfy their curiosity. It happened either by something they couldn’t understand and started questioning or a problem they encountered and needed to solve. Questions, therefore, we will say is life. Without it, life wouldn’t be as it is. …

Instead of getting frustrated, you can channel the money somewhere to be satisfied.

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Writing online comes with a lot of frustration, usually, when you start as a new writer. Success won’t happen overnight due to the number of people writing in the space and the competition. Although some writers start and see success instantly, these are people who have written for an extended period outside the internet. So, coming on the internet, things work for them in a blink.

But how about you, who’s just starting and the results aren’t encouraging? What do you do to come out of the income frustration cage that most people are trapped in and have no idea…

Because it has great recipes of life that can change your life

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Books are a great source of information to us as people. Although we may read books for different reasons — entertainment, information, one thing is for sure — to gain knowledge about things.

We all read to get knowledge about something we want to do or, in general terms, to get an understanding of life and our time through it.

As we all have a way we go about our reading concerning our time that some people read a book for a week, others, two weeks and some, for a month, and I do a week or two on a…

Emmanuel A. Anderson

I write about life, self-improvement, writing, and everything to help people live better lives. Author of the upcoming book, "Heal yourself, heal the world."

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