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I write about life, self-improvement, writing, and everything to help people live better lives. Author of the upcoming book, "Heal yourself, heal the world."

And how much of a thinker you are tells how much experience you have about what you write.

Are you a writer?

Can you boldly tell the world you’re a writer?

What shows that? Is it because of the words you put on paper that makes you think you’re a writer, or it’s the value you bring into people’s lives by your words?

Your answers to these questions should help you know and determine your worth if indeed you’re a writer, as there’re many out there who claim to be writers but authentically, they aren’t.

And the reason is that, if you’re genuinely a writer, the words you put on paper should bring value to people’s life by…

Woe unto the man that goes against society

In a world where conformity is the norm, taking an unconventional path isn’t easy. It takes people with inflexible mental muscles to take such a course and continue relentlessly to the end without quitting.

Have you ever tried being unconventional?

How was the experience?

Was it easy for you?

When was the last time, you did such a thing?

Did you continue on the path? Or you gave up because of the persecution you faced?

Did everyone side with you or they went against you for trying to be unconventional?

Ugh. You’ve given some sigh. Haven’t you? Because I’ve made…

The six simple but effective ways to get what you want out of life

There are numerous ways out there about how to get what you want out of life. Everyone is talking about multiple strategies. The most talked-about is having a Why.

But with all these strategies, most of us aren’t able to achieve what we want. We come up with a thousand reasons for the things we want, yet we don’t reach them.

So, with all the strategies taught to us, why can’t we get what we want from life?

As your mind is going around for the answers, the same happened to me when it appeared to me. And thinking about…

Thanks to you for the readership. And I'm glad you found the article worthy. More oil to your elbow. Keep going...

How to get readers to connect with you as a writer

When Medium clamped down on clickbait, most writers went mad because that was their trick to get people to read their works.

It didn’t bother me because my primary motivation for writing wasn’t the dollars, although it matters.

I believe they did that because most writers acted perfect and the audience imperfect, always pointing everything to them when, from reality, we all aren’t perfect and must accept it as we try to look for solutions to the flaws.

I commend Medium for it because they did an outstanding job. Why? …

Why you were born unto the planet and how to identify it

Whenever the subject of our existence on the planet comes up, what comes into your mind as an individual? Do you feel there’s something more significant for it than just living and surviving, or it just what it is? What’s your thought on it? Is your answer, as usual as everyone — make a difference, but do nothing? Or it’s different with you?

If it’s different with you, what is it? Perhaps I’ve evoked something in you? You’re thinking. Because, until this day, you haven’t made time to brood over about it.

Well, if what I’ve said is true, then…

#1 — Anger

It’s never easy to put your life back on track when it goes off. People who have had to do such a thing can testify to it. That, by its challenging nature, some people don’t do the work but leave their lives to go down the drain.

If you have gone through this experience, you know it. It takes courage and a hefty dose of persistence to bring your life back on its proper track.

With that said, here are the ten tools I used to bring back my life on track when it fell off;


From traditional knowledge, anger…

Well if that's how you go about your writing. It's a great thing to do though...

I’m personally attracted to great writing — that’s what turns me on the most.

The debate about publishing every day leads to better writing or perfecting your works first before publishing continues. As the type of person who believes in the first, not the latter, and would always tell people to write and publish every day if they want to become better writers, I think that sometimes facing reality and allowing them to be balanced is the best way to go. I’m not saying this because I don’t feel firm with my stand — write every day. …

Ideas are all around us. All we need to do is to open our eyes, ears, and minds, and we will find them.

Being a content creator comes with a lot, especially with coming up with ideas. It involves a lot of thinking to draft an absolute message to meet your audience’s needs. Something that, failing to do right, you’re bound to disappoint your audience and ruin your reputation.

So, the moment you decide to be a content creator, prepare to allow your mind to travel to places that being an ordinary person, you wouldn’t. …

Emmanuel A. Anderson

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