I write to inspire, to motivate but on top of it all, I write to educate the world. Author of the upcoming book, "Heal yourself, heal the world."

And how much of a thinker you are tells how much experience you have about what you write.

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Are you a writer?

Can you boldly tell the world you’re a writer?

What shows that? Is it because of the words you put on paper that makes you think you’re a writer, or it’s the value you bring into people’s lives by your words?

Your answers to these questions…

The one question to get you to discover yourself to do what you were born to do

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We live in a sophisticated system where everything is all about what the world wants us to do and not what we want to do. Therefore, right from birth, we are forced to live through the educational system without looking at what we possess innately.

This action turns to cloud…

Saving yourself from writer’s block isn’t difficult if you apply this single quote.

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Quotes are sayings. They are meaningful statements made by people based on their experiences.

They change the direction of our lives if we take them seriously after hearing or reading them.

My personal life has been great because of a quote I heard from Zig Ziglar: “If you don’t have…

Ideas are spiritual seeds that the universe gives to enrich our lives. If you take them seriously, you become wealthy. If you don’t take them seriously, you become poor.

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The way to becoming wealthy and successful is always around us because ideas are always around. Yet, ninety-nine percent of the world’s population is poor. Only one percent are wealthy.

Why is it so?

Well, pondering over the question, one thing appeared. The way to becoming successful is through ideas…

How to get readers to connect with you as a writer


When Medium clamped down on clickbait, most writers went mad because that was their trick to get people to read their works.

It didn’t bother me because my primary motivation for writing wasn’t the dollars, although it matters.

I believe they did that because most writers acted perfect and the…

Emmanuel A. Anderson

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