The One Truth to Great Writing Every Writer Must Know

We all want to relate to being human

Have you ever read articles or books where the writer sounded holy and you, the reader, the sinner? How did you feel when you read things that people have written and what they were talking about was all you and nothing about them? And in it, they made you feel you were the wrong one, and they were the righteous ones who didn’t need to correct any wrong in their lives? How did you think? Were you bored or happy? Did you even spend time to finish the piece, or you left it?

As you’re answering the questions in your mind, readers also lookout for these things when reading your works. The reason is that we all want to relate to being human, and if in your writing you cannot make the readers feel this way, you’re doing not only yourself a disservice but your readers, too.

We all want to relate to being human

Life, on the part of nature, is perfect. On our part as human beings, it’s not. Every one of us is one way, or the other imperfect. When you write, and you cannot let the readers see the flawed side of you and how you’re also struggling to get things right in your life but make your writings all about them and their imperfections, they become bored and wouldn’t like to have anything to do with you.

To avoid readers turning you off, you must present yourself in a way that makes them feel related to you by showing your wrongs, things that you’re struggling with, how you’re dealing with them. It makes the readers fall in love with you, your honesty, and apply everything you present to them as solutions. It creates the notion of someone who isn’t perfect, just like themselves and isn’t denying that fact. When they find you this way, getting your message across to them becomes easy, and they will act on what you tell them.

“We all want to relate to being human.” — Bart Gragg

Understand this and you are free as a writer

As every profession comes with its advantages and disadvantages, the same is with writing. When you decide to become a writer because it’s your gift or you find it interesting, you must understand that, by making this decision, you give yourself up to the world. There’ll be nothing like secrecy concerning your life. You’ve become a public figure. The public may know the things that happened or happen in your life. Without letting them know, they’ll not be able to relate to you. And not letting there be relatability — The ingredient that makes readers find themselves in your work, they would shy away and wouldn’t want to read anything you put out there.

To avoid this, you want to come to terms with the fact that being a writer means putting yourself out there. If you are not willing to do it, I’m sorry you can’t be a writer because people love and want to read writers who aren’t afraid to show their shortcomings in their works as it makes them feel confident about their problems and how to deal with them. And it’s something you must do if writing is what you want to do. Put yourself out there. Show your shortcomings and let the readers know you aren’t holier than God but a human being as themselves and isn’t perfect.

Always show your vulnerabilities in your writing

“One thing to remember is that human beings connect through vulnerability. That’s our core way of connecting.” — Zoe Buckman

If anything makes people want to relate to us more and would do everything to support us towards what we’re doing or not, it’s our vulnerabilities. That’s our ability to show or not show it. As we aren’t perfect and we all have shortcomings, people like it when you admit your weaknesses and flaws. Because through it, you allow others to accept the flaws in them and don’t feel stupid about it. Whenever you write and your writings capture your mistakes and the struggles you’re facing, it makes the readers see themselves in you and find you to be someone they can trust to help solve their problems. By doing things this way, the readers quickly implement everything you present to them as solutions. Why? Because they have found that you aren’t perfect and aren’t trying to fake but being authentic and wanting to help them. This goes a long way to build trust between you and the readers. And if you want to know what I’m saying is true, below is a screenshot of a comment on one of my articles by a reader as I shared my vulnerability.

Final thoughts

To write is to want to solve a problem that you or others may be facing. To get it right is by acknowledging that you, as the writer aren’t perfect but struggling. And it’s the reason you’re writing in the first place to provide solutions. Therefore, to get your message across to be received by the readers is to show your shortcomings, as it makes it easy for readers to relate to what you’re putting before them and compels them to act on it.

This is how great writing is all about, and if you can’t do it, you can’t be great as a writer. Never be afraid to show your flaws in your writing.

I write about life, self-improvement, writing, and everything to help people live better lives. Author of the upcoming book, "Heal yourself, heal the world."

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