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Life is a mystery they say. And the mystery that it is, is as a result of mankind’s inability to know what will happen in the morrow. What will happen in the next second, minute or hour, mankind has no idea about and with all that we have been able to discover in the world from our power, the only thing we are not able to discover or know is what is in the coming as far as the morrow is concerned and this should tell us about how powerful the force governing the universe is. That, with all that we can do in the world, we are not able to tell about what tomorrow brings.
Although we visualize, imagine things for our tomorrows, set goals and take the initiatives and the actions to achieve them but in all these, what will happen in the course of our journeys to achieving what we have in mind with our tomorrows, we have no idea about and this coronavirus pandemic is a clear example of that.
When we were in 2018 coming to 2019, with all the visions and aspirations that we had and set ourselves up for, nobody saw anything like coronavirus coming into the world from China and affecting the entire globe and taking the lives of people and causing the world’s economy to a standstill in 2020. Nobody expected things to be what they are now but here we are almost rendered powerless by a virus because of its’ nature and this should tell you about how powerless we are as a people when it comes to certain things in this life.
But in all these, there have been lessons and here are the five lessons I have learnt from the pandemic and l hope you find it worthwhile in your life as well;
The term ism and schism refers to a prejudiced belief that causes division among people. Beliefs such as these being black and they are not worth being with me as a white person or these individuals being green and they do not deserve to have what l have as a blue person, from this COVID-19 situation, has proven to be nothing worthwhile. And beliefs about being better than my fellow, this person or that person not my class, I am better than they are, have all proven to be false and not real. When the COVID-19 started spreading and we were all supposed to be indoors, nobody in the world from either the north or south, east or west said, I am better than these people so they should be outside while I stay indoors or vice-versa or decide to avoid social distancing because they thought of themselves better than some people. We all had to adhere to the directions from the world health organisation with one mind and the idea of stopping the virus because we all want to be alive and enjoy this life.
That, before this day, some of us who were full of hatred for our fellow beings because of the mindset that we were possessing as better than them, had to realise that, life is better than silver and gold and have been supporting these so-called people by showing them love in kind and material and also putting ourselves out there and working and supporting the health services to clamp down the virus. This should tell how one we are as a people and no matter the differences that we believe exist among us, we cannot be or live without each other. Every one of us matters and it is about time we rethink humanity again.
When the virus started in China, Europeans never thought of it reaching their doorstep just like the western world, Asia, and Africa but here we are today with all of us being affected.
This is a wake call for humanity to understand the impact the life of a single soul could have on the whole planet and do what is right.
This life, right from the day that we were born, with the kind of conditioning and programming that we have been given, has caused us to be hard on ourselves that the damage that we are every day doing to ourselves, is enormous. We are everyday rushing and doing the needless negative stuff to be somebody (in the definition of the world) that, whatever that we are doing to ourselves or our brethren being good or evil, we do not care. We are everyday fighting and being hard on ourselves to be these so-called somebodies that, evil is what we end up engaging ourselves in at the end of the day. We go about our lives destroying other souls and doing things that we are not supposed to do because we want to be successful in the eyes of men. But the question is, where are all these in this time of the pandemic? Nowhere to be found! And I guess it is about time we re-evaluate ourselves and be easy with life and our fellow beings instead of succumbing to what the world has planted in us. We are who we are and all that we are, and we cannot let what someone or some people think to make us be evil against each other. We must strive to be our brother’s keeper and never let belief systems make us destroy each other.
The fact that from what is being said, COVID-19 originated from China in Wuhan to all the four corners of the world should tell you how much of an affect, we affect each other in this world irrespective of your location in the globe and look at internationalism again.
And also the fact that I am in the Americas and my brethren is in Asia and what is happening to them is of no concern to me because it is not in my boundary should be reconsidered as well.
This is because, we live on the same planet and if my neighbour is being affected by something, that thing affects me automatically and COVID-19 is proof of that.
We therefore as people need to look at internationalism again and how our deeds affect each other and how we are our keepers instead of acting unconcerned when something is not happening within our boundaries. Nations of the world must take the problems of others and help solve them or we will continue to suffer as a people and a world.
As far as COVID-19 has caused a lot of damage and harm to the world by taking a lot of lives and collapsing the world economy, it has also brought about great realisations to humanity and among some of them is the unworthiness of the material things that we have become glued to as a people and from this, I share an experience I have had concerning the situation with you.
Before the country in which I reside, which is Spain, was put on lockdown, a friend of mine who lives in Barcelona had travelled to my end in Zaragoza. And coming to my end, because he came in search of a job with information of a new company offering employment to people, he came with no personal belongings but with just a trouser and some shirts and with the sneaker that he was on and after being here with me and spending a week and getting the job, he needed to go back to Barcelona and bring his belongings and stay permanently to work. But just as he was ready to embark on the journey, the government issued the lockdown and since then, those clothes that he came with are what he is been wearing for the last couple of weeks and all seem alright without anything like he needs more clothes to wear and from this experience, I realised we do not need many material things to live a happy life. And the same applies to those with multiple cars and other material stuff. Since the pandemic broke out, the question is how much of material things have we used? Not that much! Yet we are living our lives comfortable though indoors and the same can happen when the pandemic is over. That, to live life and be comfortable and happy, we do not need a lot of material things but few.
It does not also mean that the material things are bad and having them is not good. They are good and are what bring this life the beauty that it is. But what I am trying to draw your attention to is that, do not let your heart be in those things that, not having them you will feel like you are not enough and you are nobody. You are somebody and the material stuff does not define you.
As already discussed above, another realisation that COVID-19 has brought is the sense of purpose that we must live as a people in this life instead of just getting by as if we are not in this world for a reason. From this pandemic, we all can attest to the fact that life is too short, and mankind has no idea about when the end for him/her will be.
Therefore, it is of immense importance to discover what your purpose in this life is and work towards the realisation of it.
As Dr Myles Monroe who was the founder of the Myles Monroe international and author of several books put it, “When a purpose is seen, a vision is born”, one can only capture a vision and live their lives in that direction if they can be keen on finding out why they are here on earth and what they are supposed to do. Out of this you will discover your purpose and live life in that direction.
COVID-19 has thought us so many lessons in this life and I guess when it is all said and over, you will never come into the world the same as you were before the outbreak. It is time to rethink humanity again and the time is now.

I write about life, self-improvement, writing, and everything to help people live better lives. Author of the upcoming book, "Heal yourself, heal the world."

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